Instituto Politécnico
da Guarda

The Polytechnic Institute of Guarda (IPG) is a public higher education institution, at the service of society, guided to produce and promote knowledge, creation and transmission of culture and professional, scientific, technological and artistic knowledge, through the articulation of study, teaching, oriented research and experimental development.

Created in 1980, the IPG’s mission is to train highly qualified professionals with an entrepreneurial spirit and solid humanist bases, and contribute to the cultural, social and economic development through quality educational services, sustained in relevant academic programs with an educational model based on skills. The educational offer is characterized by a comprehensive and multidisciplinary offer, with degrees in multiple areas of knowledge, to which various postgraduate and specialization courses are associated.

Educational Areas
Instituto Politécnico da Guarda Strategic Plan has defined the following strategic action areas:

• Arts and Humanity
• Education
• Engineering, Manufacturing and Construction Industries
• Health and Social Protection
• Science, Mathematics and Computer Science
• Services
• Social Sciences, Business and Law

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Instituto Politécnico da Guarda
Av. Dr. Francisco Sá Carneiro, Nº 50
6300-559 Guarda
351 271 220 100

Institutionally, IPG is composed by a Campus, with two schools (THE SCHOOL OF TECHNOLOGY AND MANAGEMENT and THE SCHOOL OF EDUCATION, COMMUNICATION AND SPORT), The Central Services Main Building, the Library, the Swimming pool, the sports fields and the building of the Student Association from Guarda. Outside the campus, there are some facilities for common use such as the residences (2 for female students 2 for male students), the canteen II, the Sports Centre and the Auditorium Soeiro Viegas.

The campus occupies a total area of 141.287 m2, with gardens and leisure and sports areas. The Main Building includes the Presidency, RESEARCH UNIT FOR INLAND DEVELOPMENT, the Academic Services, Accountancy, Human Resources, Treasure House, Computer Centre, Information and Communication Office, (GIC) Graphic Office, Mobility and Cooperation Office (GMC), Training and Professional Office (GESP), Culture and Sport Formation Office, Maintenance Office (GIME), Student Carer and Quality Office (GAQ), the Canteen I a technical area (heating and repairing work) and a health office.


The IPG is located in the city of Guarda, central region of Portugal, near the border with Spain and with good access to the cities of Porto, Lisbon, Coimbra, Salamanca and Madrid.

Guarda is a city with high urban and environmental quality, endowed with exceptional cultural, commercial and tourist structures, allied to its health services, higher education and business activity.
The cultural activities, the relation with the mountain and the border give multiculturality and a great diversity of environments, landscapes and activities to realize.

Being a medium-sized city it presents great facilities of travel and access to services and equipment, promoting an intense academic life, festivities, sports activities and a culture with more than 8 centuries.