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The Polytechnic Institute of Santarém is a public Higher Education Institution (HEI), comprised of five Schools: Agriculture Sciences, Education Sciences, Management and Technology, Sport Sciences and Health Care. It offers about 20 bachelor degrees and develops a significant cooperation with other HEI´s of international reference in Europe and in the countries of Portuguese language.

IPSantarém has several Programmes in partnership with foreign institution.
IPSantarém intensively promotes the exchange of teachers, students and researchers, within the framework of various international cooperation programmes, namely the Erasmus+

Educational Areas
Instituto Politécnico de Santarém Strategic Plan has defined the following strategic action areas:

• Agriculture
• Education
• Health and Social Protection
• Science, Mathematics and Computer Science
• Services
• Social Sciences, Business and Law

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Instituto Politécnico de Santarém
Complexo Andaluz - Apartado 279
2001-904 Santarém
+351 243 309 520
+351 243 309 520

IPSantarém has 4 campus (3 in the city of Santarém and 1 in the city of Rio Maior). All Schools have canteen, bar, sports facilities and library. IPSantarém also has 3 Residences in Santarém: in the Complexo Andaluz, in the campus of the Agriculture School and one in the historical center of Santarém.


Santarém is a city not far away from Lisbon, which became a gateway to the world, to Europe and to the Atlantic. Its strength lies in the traditions and culture developed over centuries, expanding its influence across the continents of the Portuguese discoveries. In this region people have always coexisted with other peoples and cultures, allowing its inhabitants a friendly relationship with foreigners and visitors.
Santarém and Rio Maior are unforgettable cities for students in the Higher Education who want to enjoy a unique experience of culture and knowledge, due to the hospitality of the Portuguese, the diverse traditions and gastronomy, the richness of the history and culture of these towns, which make them nice places to stay.