de Viseu

The Polytechnic Institute of Viseu (IPV) is a higher institution of public education whose area of influence is the vast Viseu region.
Its mission is to provide high‐level qualifications, to produce knowledge, to provide Portuguese cultural, artistic, technological and scientific training for its students and to develop and participate in activities connected to society, including to disseminate, transfer and add economic value to scientific knowledge.

The Viseu Polytechnic Institute consists of five schools – the School of Education, the School of Technology and Management, the Agrarian School, the Lamego School of Technology and Management and the Health School.

Educational Areas
Instituto Politécnico de Viseu Strategic Plan has defined the following strategic action areas:

• Agriculture
• Arts and Humanity
• Engineering, Manufacturing and Construction Industries
• Health and Social Protection
• Science, Mathematics and Computer Science
• Services
• Social Sciences, Business and Law

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Instituto Politécnico de Viseu
Avenida Coronel José Maria Vale de Andrade - Campus Politécnico
3504-510 Viseu
232 480700

The IPV has a qualified academic staff indispensable for quality training, combining in perfect harmony the pedagogical and research infrastructures of its varied courses and study areas, with social spaces, leisure, well-being and student support. Laboratories, classrooms, computer centers, library network, virtual campus (wireless network and e-learning), among other spaces properly equipped with up-to date technological resources.

Research center; Medical services, psychology, entrepreneurship and insertion in active life; Multipurpose building; Arts center (CAFAC); Auditorium; Television studios and online television, among other valences. Pleasant spaces to a full academic life: sports pavilion, football field, tennis courts, open-air multipurpose areas and green areas, three student residences


Beira Alta – central Portugal – plateau region, halfway between the Atlantic Ocean and the Spanish border, surrounded by mountains.
Several rivers cross the District of Viseu as well as their tributaries.
Throughout history, Viseu shared in the birth, the crises and the glories of Portugal. From generation to generation, the city inherited varied and important monuments, witnesses to its history.

The large number of green spaces scattered around the city gave Viseu the epithet of “Garden City”. The city of Viseu was chosen by Portuguese citizens as the best city in the country to live in, where health, education, mobility and the environment provide an environment of full harmony.

A city with culture all year round, rich in gastronomy and where you can admire objects of handicraft typical of the region.