Instituto Politécnico
do Cávado e Do Ave

The Polytechnic Institute of Cávado and Ave (IPCA) is the most recent Public Higher Education Institution in Portugal, founded in 1994.
Despite its youth, IPCA enjoys a very high reputation for its educational performance and applied research. Its duly accredited and innovative academic offer is widely recognised at national and international levels.
IPCA has three dynamic Schools: Design, Management and Technology offering a wide range of Bachelor courses, Master’s, Short-cycle Technical Courses (TeSP) and specialization programmes not leading to a degree, lectured in daytime, post-work or distance learning. A student population of over 4100 students together with more than 340 teaching and technical and administrative staff make IPCA an important reference in the Portuguese higher education landscape.

Educational Areas
Instituto Politécnico do Cávado e do Ave Strategic Plan has defined the following strategic action areas:

• Education
• Engineering, Manufacturing and Construction Industries
• Health and Social Protection

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Instituto Politécnico do Cávado e do Ave
Campus do IPCA, Vila Frescaínha S. Martinho
4750-810 Barcelos

IPCA has a functional, dynamic and adjusted to its needs Campus which simultaneously meets environmental concerns.
This Green Campus presents modern and well-equipped facilities and infrastructures that provides the right conditions for a quality teaching and research.
It offers widespread wi-fi coverage, an e-learning platform, a library with a vast collection of documents and online sources and a set of professionalised support services at the disposal of IPCA’s academic community.


Located in a region known for its significant economic activity and by the youth of its population, IPCA has played an important role of development agent.
Most of the teaching and scientific activites are carried out in the main Campus, in the historic and charismatic city of Barcelos.
Colours, traditional roots, life and culture. Barcelos is a paradigm example of the harmonious combination of tradition with modernity, offering a charming and unique atmosphere through its distinctive beauty, art, history, charming local citizens and obviously its famous Rooster.
There is a bountiful range of activities on offer capable to suit all tastes. Get to know Barcelos and savour every moment of your study period discovering the village, tasting the food and enjoying the friendly environment!