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The Polytechnic Institute of Beja is a Higher Education institution created in 1979, located in the city of Beja, 147 km from Faro, 177 km from Lisbon and 217 km from Seville.

IPBeja is made up of four Schools – the School of Agriculture, the School of Education, the School of Technology and Management and the School of Health.

 In service of society, it trains professionals in a range of areas, and plays an active role in the production and spread of knowledge, creation, transmission and publication of culture and knowledge of a professional nature, of targeted research and experimental development.

Educational Areas
Instituto Politécnico de Beja Strategic Plan has defined the following strategic action areas:

• Agriculture
• Arts and Humanity
• Education
• Health and Social Protection
• Science, Mathematics and Computer Science
• Services
• Social Sciences, Business and Law

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Instituto Politécnico de Beja
Rua Pedro Soares, Campus do Instituto Politécnico de Beja, Apartado 6155
7800-295 Beja
+351 284 315 000
+351 284 314 400

The IPBeja campus has 4 schools, residences and student support services, located in a single space 5 minutes from the city’s historical centre, where the main night life centres are located.

The IPBeja campus is located in a single space 5 minutes from the city’s historical center, where the main night life centers are located. A campus perfectly integrated into the city’s urban grid, serviced by public transport, connecting it to bus and train stations, while also ensuring that IPBeja is connected to centers for agricultural learning located close to the city.

For accommodating students who choose the academic residences, the Institute has 400 beds, distributed into 5 moderns residences near to the Campus IPBeja, in the city. Beja is a medium size city far from the expensive touristic cities. Usually, students pay around 150€ per month for the accommodation. A meal in the IPBeja canteen costs 2.30€ and in the local restaurants from 5€ to 7€.


IPBeja is located in one of Portugal’s safest cities, allowing its students to enjoy high quality public spaces, where the hot summer nights are perfect for fun and socialising under an immense starry sky, so close to the Dark Sky Alqueva reserve.

At the same time, the long and well-lit days favour the discovery of one of Europe’s least polluted regions, characterised by the richness of its biodiversity and the beauty of its landscape, whether of its plains or its mountains.

IPBeja is conveniently equidistant from Lisbon (177 km) and Seville (217 km); 110 km from Sines, with its deep-water port, an intermediary point on the coastal belt between Tróia (with its 65 km of white sand beaches) and Cabo de S. Vicente, located in the Natural Park of Southwest Alentejo and Costa Vicentina, in the Algarve.

The city of Beja is well done serviced by buses and trains, and is easy to reach it from the nearest airports (Lisbon or Faro).