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Many monuments and traditions serve as constant reminders of the country’s almost 900 years of history, ensuring Portugal shares its glorious past with you, as well as new paths of knowledge to the future.

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Portugal has more than 900 km of coastline. Beautiful beaches extend from one end of the country to the other. You can take a dip in the tranquil sea of the Algarve, or you can enjoy the beautiful beaches in the North and Centre, which are fantastic surfing destinations.

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Completing higher education in Portugal means getting a European qualification immediately and having easier access to this job market.

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Our offer of higher education fulfils all the European Union standards set out in the Bologna treaty, with the quality of its undergraduate and master’s programmes assured through assessment by an independent agency.

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In Europe, Portugal is situated 2.5 hours away from London or Paris, and is a gateway to two other continents: Africa and America.
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Peaceful and safe, Portugal is ranked in 5th place among the world’s most peaceful countries. (Global Peace Index 2016).
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The “Old Continent” is and shall always be an attractive job market, with numerous opportunities for those who have an excellent education. For this reason, Portugal is undoubtedly the ideal point of entry.
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The advanced laboratories, libraries, canteens, student residences and leisure spaces ensure you have all the resources you need for a comfortable and inspired academic life.
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