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Our offer of higher education fulfils all the European Union standards set out in the Bologna treaty, with the quality of its undergraduate and master’s programmes assured through assessment by an independent agency.

The offer of undergraduate and master’s degree courses is varied, in areas that range from Social Sciences, Management and Business, to Engineering, Manufacturing and Construction Industries, Health and Social Protection, and Arts and Humanities.

Students can effectively participate in the development of projects and partnerships with companies and start-ups, which results in solid advanced technical training and a high level of employability.

Thousands of students and researchers from more than 100 nationalities who are already here recommend our country, considering it to be both a personally and a professionally gratifying choice.

The advanced laboratories, libraries, canteens, student residences and leisure spaces ensure you have all the resources you need for a comfortable and inspired academic life.

Excellent academic body

High-quality education is guaranteed in the widest areas of knowledge, by meticulously selected and highly qualified professionals.

Polytechnic colleges heavily focus on practical training and have partnered with a large number of companies, thus giving students the opportunity to advance their technical knowledge by completing internships and actively participating in the development of real projects.

The focus on this type of training results in high rates of local, national, and even European employment, because Polytechnic qualifications give access to the job market in the entire Eurozone.